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The BHA serves the needs of our members who are homeowners in the Brookeridge subdivision in unincorporated Downers Grove Township.

Brookeridge is a vibrant suburban community of more than 500 homes. We are located south of the Village of Downers Grove and north of I-55. We are bounded by Lemont Road on the west, Kearney Road on the east, Plainfield Road on the north, and Oldfield Road on the south. We are approximately 10 miles southwest of the Chicago city limits and approximately 22 miles from the downtown Chicago lakefront.

The BHA serves the Brookeridge community in many ways including:

  • Managing a busy schedule of community family events throughout the year such as, for example, the Easter Egg Hunt, Family Picnic and Cookie Exchange.
  • Monitoring and communicating civic news and events of interest to homeowner members.
  • Helping to proactively promote and protect the community’s interests in dealings with governmental entities and legislative initiatives.

Brookeridge is a great place to live! Our community offers many attractive amenities to homeowners and their families. One of the distinctive characteristics of our neighborhood is the Brookeridge Airpark whose airport serves a thriving pilot community. Two paved runways and a series of taxiways enable aviation enthusiasts to taxi and takeoff from the convenience of hangars attached to their homes.

History of the Association

The formation of the Brookeridge subdivision began in the 1950’s. Prior to this time, the area was sparsely populated with scattered farmhouses and included a small undeveloped airport with a single grass runway. The airport and surrounding farmland was purchased by real estate developer and pilot Austin Talbert who sought to build a residential airpark community.

Talbert and other builders proceeded to develop the residential lots in Brookeridge throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s. Other amenities were added during this time including parks and retention lakes.

Ownership of the airport changed hands in 1968 when a group of homeowners formed an association to purchase and manage the airport. That association is now Brookeridge Aero Associates, which maintains the property and offers aircraft fuel services to residents.

The footprint and population of Brookeridge has grown to the following proportions:

Area: +600 acres

Number of homes: +500

Population: +1,500

This website is managed by the Directors of the Brookeridge Homeowners Association (“BHA”) of Downers Grove, Illinois.

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