Brookeridge Homeowners Association

Question 1: My family just moved into Brookeridge. How do I become a BHA member?

To become a member or for more information, please contact BHA’s membership director by emailing The annual fee is $75 per household.

Question 2:  I am a BHA member and want to bring guests to some of the events in the neighborhood. Is this allowed?

In general, members may bring guests to BHA events as long as they are properly registered and pay any non-resident fees, if applicable.

Question 3:  I’m planning a home renovation and I live within the boundaries of Brookeridge. Do I need some sort of architectural committee review of my building plans?

Yes, it is likely that your home is covered by property covenants recorded against your property deed by DuPage County. These covenants stipulate standards for construction and maintenance of houses, additions, fences and other structures. In many cases BHA has responsibility to review and monitor such plans to ensure conformance with standards. Please note that BHA’s monitoring of property covenants is intended to help protect community standards and is independent of the DuPage County Building Department’s various building-related regulations and permitting/inspection requirements.

Question 4:  I’m having a party this summer and want to use some of the unused airport property for a flag football game. Is this ok?

No, absolutely no personal use of airport property is permitted. It is a functioning airport and non-sanctioned uses may violate Federal regulations and create unsafe situations. Please contact Brookeridge Aero Associates with any questions regarding airport usage and property.

Question 5:  I’m selling my house and I’m being asked to produce an official letter from BHA that says I’m paid up as a member or an official statement that says BHA dues are voluntary. Who can provide me such a letter?

The BHA President is responsible for complying with this common request and can provide such a letter. Please note that such letters are only provided to paid-up BHA members. To contact BHA President, send e-mail to

Question 6:  What is the purpose of the gate at the east end of the 600 block of 86th Street?

The street to the immediate east side of the gate is a private road. The gate and that road are owned by a small group of homeowners. Residents should utilize alternate eastbound routes.

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