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Brookeridge Roads: Q&A With Downers Grove Township

Highway Commissioner Andy Anderson

August 2022

The township is one of the most misunderstood levels of government in Illinois. What do they do? Where do they fit between municipal, county and state levels? BHA’s Dan Faretta recently met with Downers Grove Township’s (“DGT’s”) Lawrence “Andy” Anderson to find out more about the Township (and its Highway Department in particular). Our goal is to help Brookeridge residents better understand the services provided by DGT to the community.

Q:   What is the purpose of the township unit of government?

A:   Townships take care of certain services, recordkeeping and other matters in the unincorporated areas.  Those details can be found on the DGT’s website at

Q:   What is Andy Anderson’s role and responsibilities? 

A:   As the elected head of the Township’s Highway Department, Andy takes care of 60 miles of roadway in the unincorporated areas.  He is also responsible for sewer in some areas. A complete list of department responsibilities can be seen on the website

Q:   How do you decide when and where to conduct street paving?  What is the plan for Brookeridge? 

A:   Roadway re-paving is on a 25-year cycle with interim patching done on an as-needed basis.  An evaluation is done in the springtime to determine what areas need to be patched.  Brookeridge is currently 4 to 5 years out from paving based on the current cycle.  However, there are two areas that could get patched or repaved in the next year year which are Millbrook and Mallard Landing.  That will be decided in the next few weeks and will take place in the next few months based on budget and time.  Once repaving is completed, the ‘25 MPH Speed Limit’ markings will be added to certain streets.

Q:   Speeding: What can we do about it? 

A:   First of all, it is important to note that there are certain things the Township cannot do. It cannot install speed humps or bumps because of risk to vehicles and driver. It cannot do any type of road grating because it deteriorates the road.  DGT can and does erect and maintain signage, and the community may also erect signage if warranted in certain places.  Incidentally, more signage is not necessarily better and in fact residents sometimes complain about signage. In one case a resident complained that the 25 MPH road markings made the neighborhood look trashy. 

The Highway Department uses two speed trap machines which are shared by nine townships.  We can put in a request to get a speed trap machine and we will get one at some point but it will probably take a while.  These machines get moved around -- you get the machine for 4-5 days before it is removed.  These specific machines are expensive. The Sheriff could be asked to issue more tickets, which might mean they would sit and radar clock passing drivers instead of just driving around when on duty in Brookeridge.  In conclusion, signage and the speed trap are the tools DGT would use to help control speeding. 

Q:   The pathway between the Tot Lot and Kearney Road is often overgrown. Who maintains this?

A:   That specific path is DuPage County’s responsibility. Certain other areas to the north and northwest are Graceland’s and Mallard Landing’s.  DGT is not responsible for this pathway.

Q:   Brookeridge residents have occasionally experienced roadway flooding. What should they do?

A:   The Highway Department needs to see the problem in order to deal with it. Some problems disappear by the time it is investigated. Residents are encouraged to submit pictures of the problem along with a description and location.   

Q:   How can Brookeridge residents contact the Highway Department to discuss roadway matters and request services?

A:   Residents may contact Andy at 630-719-6625 and he will respond as soon as he can.  The main department number is 630-719-6620 and email is


Thanks to Andy Anderson for taking time to speak with us.

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