Brookeridge Homeowners Association


The Brookeridge Homeowners Association is managed by a ten-person board of directors of whom four serve as executive officers. These individuals are elected annually by the membership for two-year terms each December to coincide with the BHA’s Annual Meeting.

The President of the association supervises the day-to-day activities such as membership relationships and communications, governance, community events, architectural reviews and building issues.

The current officers and directors are:

  • President: Gary Koche
  • Vice President: Dan Faretta
  • Treasurer: Paul Cozza
  • Secretary: Christine Stortz
  • Director: Becky DeJong
  • Director: Brandon Esparza
  • Director: Erin Gardella
  • Director: Dale Nickos
  • Director: Anthony Sopata
  • Director: Stacie Wharton

Board meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. BHA members are welcome to attend with prior arrangement.  Email if interested in meeting with the board. 

Brookeridge Aero Associates Inc.

BAA owns and manages the airport. It designates an Airport Manager who performs day-to-day airport administrative duties such as property maintenance, services, and membership inquiries. Visit their website here.

The current officers and directors are:

  • President: Dave Rutter
  • Vice President: John Egan
  • Secretary: Ed Marcoski
  • Treasurer: Bob Siegfried, II
  • Director: Jerry Kulhanek
  • Director: Albert Miranda
  • Director: Dennis Radwanski

Brookeridge Country Estates Community Association

This association covers a small group of properties in the northeast part of Brookeridge near Willow Lake (homes on Charles Court, Helen Court, Cessna Lane and the east end of Millbrook Drive). The principal role of BCECA is to maintain common property (i.e., Willow Lake) and to review and enforce architectural standards and property covenants.

  • President: Ray Cebold
  • Treasurer: Debbie Cebold
  • Secretary: Gary Koche
  • Director: Yvonne Jordan
  • Director: Shabir Abadin

Brookeridge Park District

The Park District was formed in the early 1990’s to provide resources to help improve and maintain the Brookeridge community in an equitable and cost effective manner. The Park District (in cooperation with BHA) publishes the annual Brookeridge Phone Directory. It also distributes the quarterly Brookeridge Beacon Newsletter and co-sponsors with BHA several community events.

  • President: Jeff Moeller
  • Vice President: Dan Arkin
  • Commissioner: Inga Martusciello
  • Commissioner: Howard Kotlicky
  • Commissioner: Debbie Coomer

Pine Creek Homeowners Association

This subdivision lies on Graceland Street just south of Plainfield Road.

  • President: Rich Prescott
  • Vice President: Gil Caire
  • Sec-Treasurer: Don Hendrich

Mallard Landing Homeowners Association

Mallard Landing is a community of 36 homes located south of Plainfield Road and northeast of Brookeridge Country Estates. The Mallard Landing Homeowner’s Association (MLHA) was established in 1998 to serve this new residential home development. Many of the original homeowners still reside in Mallard Landing and MLHA maintains the common property and area around Mallard Landing pond for the aesthetic benefits to its residents and neighboring community. MLHA maintains a long-term, beneficial arrangement with the Brookeridge Homeowner’s Association and the Brookeridge Park District who serve to create a unique and dynamic community experience.

  • President: Cathy Jama
  • Vice President: Debbie Coomer
  • Treasurer: Jim Kelly
  • Secretary: Stephen Gaul
  • Director: Katherine Thorpe

Brookeridge Security Committee

This group of volunteers coordinate communication of security-related issues and concerns and works with local law enforcement agencies to contract for additional levels of police patrols.

  • Mike Kenaga
  • Dan Arkin
  • Bismarck Bracket
  • Ben Ceyer
  • Paul Cozza
  • Bob Siegfried
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